AtlasGlobal Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Hand baggage should be at a size that fits under your seat or in the overhead cabin rack, maximum size of 25x45x56 cm and the weight should not exceed 8 KG. Hand baggages that do not fit these dimensions will be carried as a checked baggage under the cabin. Name and address label should be attached inside and outside your baggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Excess baggage fees are in effect if your bag goes over the weight allotment AtlasGlobal has specified. These specifications vary by route and status please consult the URL provided for more information.

CPAP Devices:

The patient’s own oxygen tank could not be accepted in cabin. It could be carried only if they’re completely empty. AtlasGlobal requires a medical certificate issued a maximum of 10 days before departure by your physician to certify fitness to travel as well as the need for the patient of oxygen amount indicated in liters per minute. The medical certificate mentioned above must be written either in Turkish or English. The patient should be accompanied by medical companion, Atlasglobal would not provide this service. The fee for oxygen carriage is 50 TL in domestic flights and 50 USD in international flights.